Getting to Changzhou train station from Wujin to visit Nanjing or Shanghai

Changzhou has two main train stations. Changzhou and Changzhou North. Changzhou train station is split into the north and south terminals. This can cause a little confusion.

For trips to Shanghai and Nanjing people living in Wujin will find Changzhou train station north terminal to be the most convenient station to use. People living in the Xin Bei area will probably find Changzhou north more convenient. Fast trains to Beijing only go from Changzhou North station.

A word of warning about taxi drivers – taxi drivers frequently assume if you are going to Shanghai you will want to go to Changzhou North station rather than Changzhou. Sometimes the only solution is to show them your ticket.

In Chinese Changzhou North station is – Changzhou Bei Zhan 常州北站

Changzhou station north terminal (square) is – Changzhou Zhan Bei Guangchang 常州站北广场

Changzhou station south terminal is most commonly used for slow trains.

Tickets for trains can be bought around 10 days in advance from stations and travel agencies as well as online. It is possible to travel without a ticket, buying a ticket on the train but this is not advisable unless you are Chinese, especially if you want a seat reservation.

Foreigners are not able to use the ticket machines to buy train tickets because the machines are not able to read foreign passports or IDs to print the passport number on the ticket.

The train timetable for trains between Chnagzhou and Shanghai is available here.



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